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Coal vs Pellets

Pellet Process

  1. Raw material feed conveyor
  2. Shredder – specially designed for Coconut Husks & other materials
  3. Hammer Mill
  4. Rotary Dryer heated from a biomass furnace
  5. Dust Collection
  6. Pelletizers – 2 units to maintain availability
  7. Pellet Cooler – from the pelletizer the pellets are 85°C
  8. Bulk truck loading, with option for feeding to sacks / jumbo bags


Powering Forward

Our Pilot Pellet Facility in Sariaya Quezon province, operational Q1 2024 with a production capacity of 600 MT / month

Our First Main Pellet Facility will be co-located at our Sariaya site next to our pilot facility with expected commissioning early 2025. And a second full sized plant planned in Laguna in 2024-2026

Additional pellet facilities added against forecast demand and client discussions, expected to be one additional per year for at least 5 years

Each main facility will be able to produce 2,000 MT of pellets / month, and maybe larger if the surrounding farming area will support it.

Investment cost is $750,000 - $1,500,000 per facility, and will consist of a shredder / chopper, grinder, dryer to reduce moisture, 2 x pellet mill machines, pellet cooler and truck loading.

Initial pellets will be derived from coconut husks, but the objective is to add other materials, such as: napier grass, rice husk & straw, corn cobs & stems, and to carry out R&D trials on other waste products.